Muscle Activation Techniques with Shanna (Austin, TX)

Muscle Activation Techniques is an exercise-based, style of bodywork, which utilizes isometrics to test the “effectiveness” of every muscle in the body.

MAT helps you recover faster, advance or take on more training & workouts, plus can uncover muscle compensations before they turn into injuries. Regular MAT sessions will have you training at a higher level & hitting your goals.

Train smarter with muscle efficiency. MAT can test the effectiveness of over 200+ muscles in your body. Stay on top of your training & keep doing what you LOVE!

New Clients: First session includes full body mechanics assessment, client intake questionnaire/training history & mini MAT session to introduce the principles & techniques.

60 Minute Session: $75 (Downtown) or $100 (Outcall)
90 Minute Session: $125 (Downtown) or $150 (Outcall)

Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly with any questions about this service or our services in general.

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