Fitness Recovery Massage with Shanna

Take your fitness to the next level. Regular massage sessions can soothe & invigorate even the most active bodies & minds. Offering two therapeutic & rejuvenating massage styles to fit any active lifestyle.

Active Fitness Recovery Massage: Diminish muscle aches/pains & promote circulation to recover from your active lifestyle. Combines hydrotherapy, swedish, specific deep tissue techniques & MAT. Completely personalized based on your current training plan.

Deep Massage: Not to be confused with ‘deep tissue’, the Lauterstein method or deep massage is the combination of mindful meditation & massage therapy.  A yogi favorite, this slow, intentional & anatomically specific method (generally without lubricant) encourages a calm, deep focus to the present moment & what you are experiencing in your body.

Online scheduling

Massage 75 Min Session:
$100 / Westlake Hills Office – Sun, Tues & Weds Only
$150 / Outcall (Your Home or Office)

Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly with any questions about this service or my services in general.

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