Muscle Activation Techniques with Shanna

What is Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT)? Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) is an exercise-based style of bodywork that utilizes isometrics & palpation to test the “effectiveness” or contractile capability of all the muscles in your body. It’s like personal training on a massage table.

What can MAT do for me? Designed to work with your central nervous system, MAT will improve muscle responsiveness, performance output, speed up recovery & diminish aches & pains from hard workouts, particular training styles or just the “wear & tear” from an active lifestyle.

Can MAT help with my old/current injury? MAT will get to the root of the problem. MAT will reveal specific joint instability & muscle weakness. Acute (short term) or Chronic (long term) injuries create compensation patterns & MAT will ‘jumpstart’ your training to break out of them & get back on track to your training goals. A medical release from your doctor or physical therapist may be required.

How often do I MAT? Regular MAT sessions increase your central nervous systems tolerance for stress, trauma & overuse. All clients begin with weekly session for 3-6 weeks until their training has hit their desired goal. After those initial sessions, most clients continue with a regular session. My weekend-warriors are weekly, my avid yoginis are semi-monthly & everyone else does a monthly “tune-up” session to maintain their gains.

Online scheduling

MAT 60 Min Session:
$80 / Westlake Hills Office – Sun, Tues & Weds Only
$80 / Athletic Outcomes
$100 / Outcall (Your Home or Office)

MAT 90 Min Session:
$120 / Westlake Hills Office – Sun, Tues & Weds Only
$150 / Outcall (Your Home or Office)

Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly with any questions about this service or my services in general.

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